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HOUSESMART - The SMART Real Estate Agency in Portugal
Sit back and relax.
We will handle it.
We all know that looking for a property can be exhausting and frustrating. Let’s follow an example - we will call them Mr & Mrs Smith. Mr & Mrs Smith are looking for the perfect place, excited about the possibilities. Mrs Smith calls up the agency but they don’t answer. Mr Smith calls another and another; finally someone answers. They speak english (phew!) and they take some details. The agencies seemed confident that they would find something, but two weeks later: only one agency has passed along a few properties and none that met their criteria.
The couple redouble their efforts and plough ahead searching websites and making more calls, leaving dozens more messages. One of these agencies will find something, surely? But more weeks pass. They have started to notice that some of the locations shown seem less than accurate, and the agencies are barely returning calls, let alone sending over properties.
Is what they want not achievable? Or maybe it’s the language barrier? They don’t know what’s going wrong.
Exhausted, the couple are growing increasingly stressed from the hassle of constantly looking for properties and making calls with nothing to show for it.
They just don’t know what to do next. Should they increase their budget? Or settle for less space or a different location? They have no-one they can trust to ask.
Sound familiar? Well, it’s sad, but you aren’t alone. You are just experiencing what a lot of buyers go through here in Portugal.
But what if it didn’t have to be that way?
Let’s follow our example couple: Mr & Mrs Smith now sign up with HOUSESMART. They are assigned a HOUSESMART agent who takes time chatting with them to understand exactly what they need.
The agent is friendly and professional, visiting them at home, seeing their current living space and quickly getting to the bottom of which criteria are most important and which are flexible. There is no feeling of being rushed, as their HOUSESMART agent isn’t constantly fielding other calls, or being distracted; each agent has a set number of clients ensuring each get the time they need.
The agent is able to give unbiased advice about what is realistic for their price-range. If they are willing to compromise on either decor or sqm, their agreed budget is achievable. Just hearing what is possible, from someone they can trust, is such a relief.
It’s a breath of fresh air.
The agent goes away makes some calls and does some searching, emailing them a list within 24 hours with links and pictures of 5 properties. The couple can’t believe it, all 5 meet their basic criteria and it seems like this agent has really UNDERSTOOD what they are looking for!
Their HOUSESMART agent lines up the chosen properties viewings, is there to meet them, makes the introductions and translates questions whenever language or lingo becomes a barrier.
One of the properties is a clear winner. They can just imagine themselves living there. Working together, they decide on an appropriate offer and their agent makes the calls that day on their behalf. Mr & Mrs Smith get regular updates all the way through the negotiation.
After some back and forth, their second offer is accepted, Mr and Mrs Smith can finally re-focus on their hobbies and generally get back to enjoying their life in the sun.
When they pay the HOUSESMART invoice, they know they have saved months of renting costs, not to mention thousands of euros during negotiation.
Hiring HOUSESMART more than paid for itself, and saved a lot of grey hairs too.

149 EUR
Recommended for clients who are in Portugal


  • Plus a final payment of 1,498 EUR on exchange of contracts.

199 EUR
Recommended for clients who are abroad

  • Plus:


  • Plus a final payment of 1,998 EUR on exchange of contracts.

You might be wondering why you should pay someone to look for a property for you? Buyers don’t usually pay an agent, and aren’t 80% of properties are advertised online?
Well yes, of course that’s true, and of course you can look on your own. In fact we absolutely encourage this - it gives you a better idea of offer and price, which is a great thing. It’s just that there are a number of problems faced by foreign buyers looking online:
  • Descriptions predominantly in Portuguese
  • Neighbourhoods names you don’t know and can’t find on maps
  • Googlemap pin’s placed suspiciously slap-bang in the centre of town
  • Terminology - what on earth is a T3+1?
  • Lack of photo’s - 2 pictures make it impossible to tell if it’s worth a view
  • Language barrier when calling up to arrange a viewing
  • Misleading text or images - that stunning view might not be from the lounge after all!
Even when you have lived here a while, it can be hard to know what’s what.
To make matters worse, agents are notoriously slow to answer the phone or call you back, and language barriers (even if you speak Portuguese a little, or they speak English) can make it so much harder to arrange viewings, ask questions and negotiate prices. It’s a frustrating and time-consuming process.
We are here to help.
But why should you trust HOUSESMART?
Of course, I am an AMI licenced agent here in Portugal, but I didn’t come from the usual Estate Agency training. I studied to be a Chartered Accountant (ACA) and worked for a number of FTSE 100 Commercial and Residential Property Companies in London before moving to Portugal. My experience and training is in clear, independent advice; not gimmicks and sales tactics.
Secondly, I started the business because I experienced all these difficulties myself. I have been there, and I know the struggles. My husband is Portuguese, and I am fluent in the language and have integrated into life here (recently I became Secretary for International Women in Portugal), but even so, it took me time to adapt to how differently things work.
For example: generally here in Portugal, buyers can call up individual agencies who will push the properties they have on their books. If they have nothing for you, the agent might try to find you a property that’s registered with another agent. They then take some of the sales commission if you buy. So, the more you pay, the more they earn.
What’s more, that agent will only show you properties registered with agencies that he or she ALREADY has a commission agreement with.
That didn’t seem right to me
Someone acting on behalf of a buyer, should be acting 100% in their best interests. The buyer should have access to the whole market, not just agencies the agent has a ‘deal’ with.
So after I had spoken to dozens and dozens of buyers, I sat down, compiled the research and created this product, especially for you.

Usual Service
At HOUSESMART we don’t want you to worry.
We are here to take the stress out of your property search, by understanding your needs and working unbiasedly on your behalf to get your dream home at the best possible price.
We are so confident in our ability to find your home, that we if we can’t, we will refund your initial fee. That’s right, no-win, no-fee. There are two scenarios:

Possible Scenarios
Still undecided? If you are for any reason unhappy with the service we offer you, we provide a 30-day money back cancellation period.
One final thing; we are serious about finding new homes for our clients, and delivering exceptional client service to each and every one of them. To ensure we can do that, we limit the number of clients we take on at any one time.
Right now there are just 5 slots available.
So confirm your space today and sit back, relax and let us deal with the searching, so you can just concentrate on deciding which property you can call home. Click below to select your service, and an agent will contact you within 48 hours to start finding your perfect property.
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